Daytime TV

Today would have been my Mom's 79th birthday.

Me and Mom on Mother's Day.jpg

Since she died, as this day approaches every year, I find myself growing distracted and fuzzy headed. I sit down and intend to work, but wind up playing mindless games on my phone only to look up to discover it's the middle of the night and I've accomplished nothing other than knowing who won Season 3 of Project Runway. (Spoiler alert: It's Jeffrey). I'm inexplicably out of sorts and often have what feels like the beginning of a cold in the back of my throat. I should expect it, but this malaise always creeps up on me and leaves me thoroughly disoriented until I look at the calendar and realize what's going on. Then I just give up and wallow.

Usually, it's at that exact moment that Mom sends me a sign*. One year, it was a brilliant rainbow in the sky. Then it was the little plates in my cupboard. Three years ago, I was inspired to start this company. Last year, we sent a box of cookies to Oprah** And this year? Mom got me on Daytime TV.

Yes, it was technically the PR person from BLVD Kitchen who made the connection, but honestly, given my mother's close personal relationship with the entire spectrum of broadcast television personalities and genres, this was 100% her doing.

Thanks, Mom. And happy birthday!

 * She's also active on the anniversary of her death, when she sends songs to restaurant bathrooms.

** Technically, we sent a box of cookies to Oprah's Edible Gifts person, but still! That was all Mom.

MITM Oprahs Box.jpg