what comes in the box?

Every box includes your choice of Mom-made treats, our trademark DIY Thank You Card, and a short greeting from us. We can even print and include a note from you, too!  Everything is hand packed with bright red crinkle paper.  

There are also Extra-Festive Extras you can throw in for birthdays, not-feeling-well days, stress case days, or general celebration.  Each fits right into a regular size box.


How often do you ship?

Hooray! Thanks to our new kitchen schedule, we can actually ship boxes every day except Sunday now. Shipments generally go out no more than a day or two after your order is placed, depending on the day of the week and our baking schedule.  If there will be a longer delay for any reason, we'll be in touch to let you know.


What if I have a care package emergency?  Can you ship a BOX right away?

Most of the time, yes! Please contact me as soon as you order, and if there is any way I can get a box going for you with same day turnaround, I'll let you know. We also offer the option for upgraded Priority Mail Express shipping at checkout (it's expensive, but that's what the Post Office charges us). 


Where do you ship?

Anywhere within the entire US.  We also ship to APO Boxes.


Who bakes the cookies, and where?

I personally bake each cookie, bar and brownie in every box. The recipes are tried and true, tested at home with my kids, family and friends, but the treats for Mom in the Mail are baked at BLVD Kitchen, a licensed commercial kitchen here in Los Angeles.


I don't have a kid away from home.  Can I still send a box?

Of course! Who doesn't love a box of cookies arriving unexpectedly?  Or expectedly, for that matter.  Treat your friends, someone going through a tough time, clients, or even yourself.  I won't tell!


Do you have treats for people with dietary restrictions?

There will always be at least one nut-free and one gluten-free option available.  For those with severe allergies, please be aware that even if the items are free of nuts or gluten, they are prepared in the same kitchen as our other varieties. Butter, sugar and eggs are tough to avoid, given that I'm baking cookies here, but there are exceptions, so please read the ingredient list before you order


What goes into your treats?

I'm a big fan of using great quality natural products in my baking whenever possible, simply because the cookies always taste better when I do.  I use unbleached flour, organic brown eggs, sweet cream butter, real vanilla, and premium chocolate chips, plump golden raisins and other yummy add-ins.  I use regular (non-organic) sugars, natural peanut and almond butters, kosher salt, and the occasional brand-name candy bar or snack treat.  Specific ingredients for each item on the menu are available here.


When will my box get there?

Treats are baked to order, and usually ship out the same day as we bake them.  With USPS Priority mail, boxes shipped locally (within Southern California) are usually delivered the next day, and boxes going elsewhere should arrive two to three days later.  We may time your shipment so that it goes out on a Monday or Tuesday, so the packages can be retrieved and enjoyed mid-week.  I remember hating when a box would arrive after class on Friday, and having to wait until Monday to pick it up!  You will receive an email with tracking information for every order.


Do the cookies stay fresh in the mail?

I start by selecting recipes that keep well to begin with, and then do everything I can to be sure they arrive tasting great. The cookies go out in sealed packaging, within 24 hours of being baked.  We use expedited priority shipping, and when we can, we try to send packages out early in the week to avoid long stays in the post office over the weekend.  

That said, you can freshen up your treats when they arrive.  Just pop a cookie into the microwave for 10 seconds or so.  This works for pretty much everything except the granola bars.


If you have a question I didn't answer here, please contact me and I'll do my best to help you.