YES. MOM is a real mom.

I'm Sharon Graves, proud yet frazzled mom to two very tall ex-teenagers, one a recent college grad and the other braving the East Coast winters as a soccer-playing sophomore.  I've had exciting paying jobs in finance and high-tech, working for really big companies and super tiny ones.  I own and operate BLVD Kitchen in Los Angeles, and I do work without pay quite often, too, mostly for non-profit groups I care about.  We have a house in suburban Los Angeles that is full of books and pets and power cords that don't seem to go with anybody's phone.  

I've been baking pretty much ever since I can remember.  I learned from my mom, who taught me not only that butter is our friend, but that cooking for people you love is the surest way to happiness.  

I've been baking for college kids since I was in college myself, a really, really, really long time ago.  My very first business venture was a late night hot cookies and milk delivery service that I started with my best friend during our sophomore year.   I must have been psychic!
The treats I bake have found good homes in tummies near and far, and have even been recognized with ribbons and fame from time to time.  

More stories about me and my family, along with recipes galore, are over on my blog, Cheesy Pennies.